Why the race battle is so hard to win

I welcome you to my website. The most recent book that I have written is entitled ‘Why the race is so hard to win’. It was released in April by Amazon.com in print and e-version. 

In this book, I describe the strange phenomenon that despite all efforts in the US, the black population has made little progress. In Surinam, the country where I was born, the Afro-Surinamese population has also made no progress over the last forty years. When we went to the Netherlands en masse in 1975, we were the highest educated minority group. Because the Turks and Moroccans were brought to the Netherlands to do the dirty work that the Dutch did not want to do. The Turks and Moroccans came mainly from the disadvantaged areas of Turkey and Morocco. They spoke Dutch very difficult. We Afro-Surinameses had the advantage that the official language in Surinam was Dutch, so we had no problems with the connection. And yet we have to conclude that the second and third generation Turks and Moroccans have now surpassed us. Very remarkable, because of their faith (Islam) they encounter much more resistance in Dutch society than we do. How would that be that the black population has performed so badly in the US, Suriname and the Netherlands? The answer to that question and much more is described in detail in ‘Why the race is so hard to win’. You can also purchase this book by transferring € 22.50 or $ 25 (shipping costs included) to my Pay Pal account (julianw@xs4all.nl). You can also use this e-mail address to send me your comments. As a writer, I would like to be in contact with my readers. I hope that the book will please you, despite the very critical tone.

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Welcome to my website. If you want to order a copy of my book, you can transfer $ 22,50 (including postage) to my Pay Pal account julianw@xs4all.nl

A copy of the book will be sent to you one day after the crediting. You do me great pleasure to draw the attention of others in your area to this publication.

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