Julian S With

Julian Samuel With (District of Brokopondo, 16 October 1954) is a Surinamese publicist and writer living in the Netherlands.

He made his debut in Suriname with the novella Ja, Ik ben een Marron (1974). In this book he discusses some aspects of the living situation of the young Maroons in Paramaribo who are trying to pave the way for development. He denounces the contempt of the Maroons by the townspeople and states that there is no question of solidarity in Suriname if a part of the black population discriminates against the other part.

ln 1975 With moved to the Netherlands, where he graduated from the Jan van Nassau Pedagogical Academy in 1976. In the same year he started studying psychology at the University of Utrecht. In 1982 he graduated from the Department of Personality and Social Psychology. In 1979 he published Land of Harmonious Contrasts. In this book, With states that he finds it ridiculous that the Maroons are discriminated against by their fellow breeders who were born in Paramaribo.

With has also written poetry. From 1992 to 1994 he carried out the
project ‘Learning performance improvement through reading promotion’, which he developed himself, among 385 Surinamese and Antillean children from group 7 in the Netherlands. The project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science was a great success. 87% of the participating children received a HAVO / VWO recommendation. [Source?]

In 2006 he developed the RIS project (Repair Intellectual Damage) that was carried out in Suriname without his leadership among children of the sixth grade of inland schools (Brokopondo, Sipaliwini and Marowijne district). With this intervention program he increased the annual average success rate from 7% to 51% (N = 581).

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